Ten3 New Product Ideas: FUNNY GIFTS

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Category: Non-Software Product

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Ten3 New Product Ideas: FUNNY GIFTS

Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP

Ten3 FACTORY OF NEW PRODUCT IDEAS is another breakthrough initiative by the founders of the World's leading Ten3 Business e-Coach www.1000ventures.com


* Buy our ready-to-implement ideas - Download immediately - Start producing and selling great products - fast!

* Our product ideas are creative and innovative, suitable for small business, and can be commercialized within a matter of days.

* You don't need to have your own production facilities. Production can easily be outsourced as all designs are simple. You just need to be an entrepreneur!

In this offer: 5 SUPER-STAR PRODUCTS with the highest market and profit protential!

Humor and love filled gifts for lovers, friends, family, and business (T-shirts, mirrors, caps, glasses)

Each Ten3 Product Idea Offer includes:

* Product image

* Brief description

* Target customers and marketing tips

* Non-exclusive license for manufacturing and selling 10,000 pieces of the product.


* Creative products from a trusted innovative team with great track record

* Ideas with great market potential pre-screened by marketing experts

* Simple ideas, easy to commercialize

* Low investment (often below US$10,000) and high profit potential

* Marketing tips for each product

* Manufacturing and selling license is included

* High speed to market and profits

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