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Category: Non-Software Product

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Services of Design Studio

Platforms: Windows XP

Build a website of any type - from a relatively simple but practical one to a large site with many pages, sophisticated design, creative flash and web programming.

Work out a design of a brochure, booklet, catalog, leaflet, flyer, handout, poster, placard, advertisement, etc. If you are not sure about the text, we can -

Write an ad copy for you. For companies working at foreign markets we write texts not only in English, but also have copywriters whose mother tongue is Russian and Ukrainian.

Create a logo and/or corporate style. We'll elaborate it until you are completely satisfied.

Facilitate your business in the Web - translate and localize your website, host it, carry out an advertising campaign in the Internet.

And many, many others. Look at the complete list of our services - you will surely find what you need:

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