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Category: Business & Finance

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Rental Manager Plus

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Rental Manager Plus contains the necessary functions you need to manage your Rental Property. It is an industrial strength version that is simple to use but powerful.
It handles 200 leases , 5000 expenses and 5000 payments and you can define a lease over a period of ten years.
This app contains a full data base management system for maintaining your rental property. It is an accountant for your Rental Property.
It has a customer information, lease data base, data base for expenses and payments. You can assign customers to leases and leases to properties. You can enter individual expenses and individual customer payments and the app will track your monthly profit and cash flows. Extensive report options are provided to help you view what is happening to your rental properties. This can handle all types of properties - buildings , individual rentals , condos , vacation rentals and other types of rentals. This app also includes a report function that allows you to generate a numerous reports for the a property.
The app contains the following major functions.
? Management of the property - it has its own data base of leases
? Adding New Leases
? Editing Existing Leases
? Maintaining Customer Data and their payments
? Property Cash Flow Analysis
? Reporting
To generate and print a report , you navigate to the year of the Lease on the main menu and press the report option you wish to see. Reports are generated for a particular Lease and year of a Lease.


?Rental Manager for tracking expenses, income and profits
?Handles up to 200 properties or leases
?Handles thousands of expenses and payments
?Easy to use Expense Editor
?Easy to use Payment Editor
?Six Report Options
?Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis
?Loan Amortization
?Forecast Debt over time
?Advanced Business Statistics
?Mortgage and Mortgage Payoff
?Mortgage Refinance
?Financial Calculator -Time Value of Money ? Present and Future Value, Payment, Interest and Term calculations with easy to use menus
?Contains many advanced financial calculations for Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return, Amortization, Mortgage Payment, Compounding, Refinance, and Interest Rate Conversion
?Finance functions of Annuity, Retirement and 401K, Bonds, Capital Gain and Credit Card

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