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Category: Project Management

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Outlook EasyTask for MindManager Pro

Platforms: Windows NT/2000, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Outlook EasyTask helps you to set up logical and intuitive connection between MindManager and MS Outlook. (Mind2Chart users: You will benefit from the fact that Mind2Chart project management add-in supports this connection.)

There is no need to rewrite MS Outlook tasks into the MindManager topics anymore C just import them using the interface of Outlook EasyTask. Choose grouping criteria (priority, owner, category) while importing to improve mind mapping technique. Keep imported tasks synchronized with MS Outlook C update all task information to MindManager with a single click.

Do you discover some new tasks during a meeting or brainstorm session? Do not waste your time on retyping them in MS Outlook C simply export selected topics as MS Outlook tasks. (Mind2Chart users: All Mind2Chart task information, such as assignee email, will be exported as well C you do not have to re-enter it to Outlook). And even better C you can mark exported topics to synchronize with Outlook to keep them updated at any time you want C simply by clicking the Synchronization button. If you update your map or Outlook Task list by adding new tasks C Outlook EasyTask detects already imported/exported tasks so there is no data duplication.

So you get:

* Easy import of MS Outlook tasks into MindManager map.

* Easy export of MindManager topics as MS Outlook tasks.

* Quick and transparent synchronization between Outlook tasks and MindManager topics.

* Convenient update for the map and Task List with new tasks.

* Support of Task information in Mind2Chart project management add-in.

Get the most out of your software by combining their best features! Outlook EasyTask will help you to be more effective in your daily work by making it easier and keep it organized.

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