Nami Forex EA Standard

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Nami Forex EA Standard

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Nami Forex EA is a trend following strategy trading EURUSD and USDCHF. It tries to catch the second wave of the trend, opening up to 2 trades on pull backs after the first wave. All positions have variable stop loss and take profit levels (90-150 pips).

  • Nami Forex EA isnt sensitive to spreads and order execution. It has big t/p targets C up to 170 pips C and uses limit orders to enter the market, so it wont be a problem if your broker has big spreads or bad execution.
  • Nami Forex EA is a low risk system. All Nami Forex EA orders have fixed s/l comparable to t/p C maximum 150 pips.
  • Nami Forex EA is a profitable system. Using default risk of 2-3% per trade, this EA makes an average monthly profit of around 15%. Check out the live performance of Nami Forex EA!
  • Nami Forex EA is easy-to-use. Even a novice can set up the EA for work. There are only 4 parameters to adjust!
  • Nami Forex EA can be used on small deposits. To run the EA with reasonable risk you need only $500 and a trading account with micro lot support.

With the Nami Forex EA Standard license you can use the EA on 2 live or demo accounts. As a bonus, you will get 2 Hyper EA Lite licenses for free.

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