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Category: Online Privacy

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Identity Knight

Platforms: Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT/2000, Windows XP

Most Internet users are also on-line shoppers who pay by credit card and are concerned about credit card online security and identity theft and identity fraud.
Hackers who gain unauthorized access over the Internet, or anyone with direct physical access, can commit identity theft by stealing identity information on your PC. Most Internet Explorer users enjoy the convenient autocomplete feature (IE 5.0 and higher). It remembers data, including credit card, SSN, address, phone, email, and other information you used to fill in Web forms and saves it in a 'safe' place (Windows Protected Storage). The next time you are required to fill out a similar form, it completes it for you automatically. The problem - it is possible to capture and read the contents of 'Protected Storage'. If someone accesses your computer (directly or remotely) your identity information can be stolen. To solve this Internet Explorer security problem we have created Identity Knight.
Identity Knight is effective security software that scans your Internet Explorer autocomplete fields for identity data and removes what you need. It eliminates your worry about Internet Explorer Security and using autocomplete that can expose your identity to theft.

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