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Business Buy Sell

Platforms: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

This is the perfect app for business owners and business brokers to have. The app estimates the fair market value of your company. It is based on the Market Approach to business valuation which is the most widely used and accurate method to value a business. The program also contains the Factor Method used by many Business Brokers. This Market Approach uses actual market transactions as a basis for comparison. It is the most fundamental approach in a fair market value appraisal and it is said by many that this is the only practical approach to Business Valuation. There are those who propose to use Rules of Thumb, however it is generally accepted among appraisers that these comparisons are static and do not reflect the market conditions. It also contains an extensive tutorial on buying and selling a business. It is easy to use and thorough. It has been developed by Certified Business Appraisers. Buy it now, and get results in minutes.

Features include:

?Tutorial and Reference Guide on buying and selling a business
?Business Value by Market Approach
?Database of Market Multiples
?Business Value by Factor Method
?You can study up to 200 different businesses
?Maintains a data base of SIC code descriptions and codes
?Full Reporting of results
?Selling your Business Functions
?Buying a Business Cash Flow Analysis
?Buying a Business Negotiator

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