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Category: Strategy & War

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Atomic Cannon Mac

Platforms: Mac, OS X - Macintosh

Atomic Cannon is a fun arcade game that is easy to learn but difficult to master. In this strategic tank artillery duel you battle against computers or friends on 25 different landscapes. Players take turns aiming and firing at each other with over 85 weapons of mass destruction including nuclear bombs.

You can blast your enemy with a vast array of weapons. Some weapons create landmasses you can use to your tactical advantage to hide behind as cover. Your arsenal is outfitted with numerous types of weapons including guns, bombs, missiles, rockets, and nukes.

The landscape you battle on is randomly generated each round and can be destroyed in real time for real scorched earth. There are six types of land formations including flat, hill, gulley, plateau, slope, and random. Each formation can be in one of the game's 25 diverse environments.

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