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Advertising Feed Software Feed blaster is software that automatically post your ad to hundreds of RSS feeds.? It is a pretty good deal.

I have been using it for about a year now. It does give my site a noticable traffic boost.

The size of the boost depends on the keyword phrase, but almost every phrase I have tried results in some increased traffic. It is not permanent however and I have to use the feed blaster three or four days a week.

The more simple minded my marketing phrase the more hits I get. For instance money, money, moeny and easy money online result in more hits than Earn income online does.

Play around with differnt phrases. Dont be afraid to have some fun.

The program is very easy to use. Simply type in your ad and save it. Them click OK. The screen defaults to the first ad on your list so be sure to check that the correct ad is high lighted before clicking OK.

Then type in your keyword phrase and click Find Feeds. You can post to a max of 500 feeds. The default is 100.? I always post to the max of 500 feeds. Why would anyone want to choose fewer than the max?

Last you click Submit Your Ad and then Start. Thats it. Let the program post your ad. It doesnt slow down your system or interfere with anything. In fact Im posting as I type this article. Most of the time I let it run and go watch TV, but thats just me. I get a kick out of the fact that Im watching a movie and advertising my website at the same time.

Advertising Feed Software Blaster is a good investment.

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